Disputes and Conflict Resolution

At Bandits Volleyball, we recognize that we are all human and that we make mistakes. When we fall down we endeavor to make the changes needed to get back up.

We also recognize that not all decisions made by coaches will satisfy all players.  Players and parents need to recognize that some decisions are made in the best interest of the team as a whole. Our club goal is that coaches communicate philosophy and practical guidelines to athletes.  Coaches are encouraged to update athletes with feedback during the season. These can be done verbally and/or in writing to assist development of trust and communication.

If any athlete or parent has individual or team concerns, they must discuss directly with the coaching staff so the coaches have an opportunity to explain, justify or answer these concerns and possibly revise tactics. This includes but is not limited to, playing time issues, coach philosophy, division of teams, skill level of team, practice structure, feedback, instruction, etc.

Steps to Deal with a Concern:

  • Encourage your child to talk directly to the coach if she has a problem or concern. Although sometimes a daunting task for an athlete, we believe the ability to resolve these situations is a useful life skill.
  • If there continues to be a concern the parent may initiate a conversation with the coach. The parent can request the meeting at practice or via email, but the discussion should take place face to face.
  • If there is no resolution both coach and athlete/parent will be asked to document in writing the issue with Bandits Volleyball Club Director. After discussion with the coaching staff, there is then a suggested one week cooling off period, for the situation to settle and changes to possibly be made from either party. The Club Director will determine what action will be taken from there if any.


  • If the Club Director is the coach involved than a head coach from another Bandits Volleyball Club team will take the place of the Club Director.

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